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IssueFeatured Items
May – June 2000
Engineering field test 35 years ago, John Hiniker-decal story, M-4064-L- truck.
Jan. – Feb.  2001The Forty Series, Part 2; The International Harvester Electrall; The 4 Faces of the 140; Jack Holland’s IH Electrall Does It All!
May – June 2001 The #8 Little Genius Plow; Youngest Farmer; One Hundred Years of the Reaper; McCormick Deering Orchard & Grove  Tractor; Engine Reference Guide.
July – Aug. 2001An International Golf Legend; The Case that made a President; The Elliots and Their IH Side; The Plow Shop; 40 Series, Part 3; 240 Series Service Info.
Sept. – Oct. 2001McCormick Is Back; From Grey to Red; More IH Myths; The Tribute M; Grandpa’s Tractor; Some Bits and Pieces; How To Get The Most Out Of Your IH Archives.
Nov. – Dec 2001IH Red for Christmas; The Elwood Manufactures; Grandpa’s C; European RPRU Review; Exploring Africa; The IH Story of Prototype Dealerships; The Red Carpet Special; Rooted in IH Tradition.
Jan. – Feb. 2002Hydromechanical Transmission; Sparks Restoration; The IH Power House V-8; Four Generations Celebrate The Cub Cadet; Pick a Bale of Cotton; IH 40 Series – Part 4.
Mar. – April 2002F/460 By the Numbers; Family of Cub Cadets; The 10-20 Mogul; What’s in a Name – Plenty; A Dream Tractor; An IH for Everybody; Am I Getting the Right Part; Final Drive Failures of the IH 5-Speed Tractors.
Nov. – Dec. 2002Guy Fay, IH Enthusiast and Author; F-12 – The Early Years; An IH Combine for Pay; California Dreaming, Part 3; Alhambra’s IH Man; High Horsepower Farming; JP’s 1st Annual Midwest Cub- A-Rama; 560 Series – By the Numbers; My Cub Cadet; Garrett Twin-Drive Update.
Jan. – Feb. 2003
How Scoop Shovels Killed the grain Binder; Major Changes in the F-30; California Dreaming, Part 4; Tractor Tales; Memories of a Family Farmall B; A Late Summer Windfall; IH, An Education; Power Units – By the Numbers; South of the Border – Original Beauty in a 1066.
May – June 2003It’s Back! The Farmall Name Returns; Was Louisville Profitable?The Keister Collection; Cherish Yesterday – Dream of Tomorrow – Live Today; The New 3X88 Series IH 2+2; Growing Up With IH;The Original (Cub Cadet) Hydros!; 240 Series – By the Numbers;The Family Tractor.
July – Aug. 2003 Tall Tractors; IH in Wood!; Cadet Connections; Graduation Requirements; Farm Boy Turns Artist; The Number ONE; Project 766 Helps Bury the Ashes; A Slice of IH American Pie; Earl Buettner, a Sublette Regular.

Sept. – Oct. 2003


SOLD OUT!! Pneumatic Lift-All; The Sugar Bush Express; Still Skidding;Persistance Pays Off For Chapter 17; IH Advertisers Postersand IH History; Birth of An Original; Wagner Little Giant; TheJohnson’s Collecting Together; T-6 and T-9 By THe Numbers;From Farming to Collecting.
Mar. – April 2004Letter Series Tractor Intro-1939; New Farmall Tractors Arriving in Iowa; Family Fun (Siple’s W-4 and W-6); Sorensen’s IH Museum; Casselton Collection (J Moderow); IH Hydrostatic Drive Tractor, Part 1; The Iron Mule (V Merchant); Punxsutawney Collector (T Rake); Model 100 Spreader Restoration; Y and W Pages (Prototype Cub Cadet #409); The Winning Ticket –  (B Hnetkovsky’s Demo C).
May – June 2004
This Issue Features the Fast-Hitch; Story of the Center of Population: IH Hydrostatic Drive Farm Tractor, Part 2:  Fast-Hitch Friends (M Peters); One Point Fast-Hitch; Fast-Hitch; Taking Aim at the M (C McLaughlin); Hot Time in Cool Florida (IH Winter Convention).
July – Aug. 2004 Powering the Chopper (J Puckett); IH Spring Roundup at Auburn; Touch Control Hydraulics; Dave Tipps IH Ties; Restoring “Beatle’s” Farmall A (D Eden); An Eye for the Unusual (J Graber Collection); Red Fever (Savage); Parade or Field-Ready (W Thede); Pushing Planes – Refurbished Pay Movers.
Sept. – Oct. 2004
The Whole Heritage Thing; Searching for Grandpa’s 1206; Pleasant Days in Mount Pleasant; Fabricated F-20; The  The Experimental M That Escaped the Scrap Yard; 1206 Tractors by the Numbers; The Moldboard Plow; Changing Season – Farmall Grow’s America.
Nov. – Dec. 2004 Dan Hoffman’s 1927 McCormick Deering 15-30; Bill Carroll Gambles on Wheatlands; International E-270 Pay Scraper; Big-country Tractors; Big, Small, & Everything in Between; K.R. Withrow’s Big Standards; Mammoser’s W-450 Restoration; What Does the “W” Mean?; Cub-Arama 2004.
July – Aug. 2005After the John Manny Reaper Trial; Life After Logging; Together Again – Consecutive 1954 Super H’s Reunite; Farmalls and Vegetables; International’s TD-15; Making Tracks – Couple Collects Crawlers; Meet Bonnie Nelson; Orion’s Tractor Finds a Home.
Sept – Oct. 2005In the Trenches – Old Cub and Auburn Trencher; Son and Father Collectors – Mendrala; Power Units; A Cubette Story; Red Baby – Speed Truck Toy; High Times Southern Style – RPRU; 16th RPRU Wind Up.
Nov. – Dec. 2005 International Model 65 Pay Hauler; Making Corn King; Cultivators in the Corn Field; IH Bookmobile; Richard Cleer’s 806 & IH Heritage.
Mar. – April 2006A Mostly Working Collection; IH Pleasures Overseas; Development of the Cotton Picker – Part 2; Plow Days; Harvester’s Hydraulic Excavator; Beautiful Binders – Thayer Collection.
May – June 2006Used But Good – Kelly Collection; A Cub For Dad; The Culti-Vision Farmalls; McCormick-Deering 0-12; Greetings from Mars – 2006 Winter Convention; Industrial Artwork; Everybody Loves a Scout.
July – August 2006Multi-Generational Machinery – Dave Malaguti; The Elliotts 330 Utility; McCormick-Deering Industrial Tractors; Nostalgic Farmall 450; Fresh From  the Farm-Keith Leukam; Interesting Industrial-Gary Osborne’s 2444; International Across the Atlantic; Serial Numbers
Sept – Oct 2006Canadian Collection – Richards Family; Joe’s Girls – Wheeler;International Harvester M1 Rifle; Almond’s Family Pride; TractorCruise USA; Keeping It Interesting – Ganzel Collection; RoundupReflections; Mansfield England to Mansfield Ohio
Nov – Dec 2006Farming the Garden State – Rob Eckert; Flamm Orchards’ IH B’s;Machine Hitches; 60+ Years of IH – Berkshire; A Showy Workhorse -Rupp’s 5488; An Innovative Off Road Truck – IH Payhauler
Jan – Feb 2007Keeping It All In The Family – Proctor’s & Fisher’s; The Story ofFarmall H Tractor; An Interesting Path – Patton’s; Bob’sInternational Truck and Tractor; Dealer Modernization Programs;IHC Consignment Auction; The Fry TD4; Jim Wise’s Dream Tractor;Fall Fiesta-Indiana IHCC Tillage Day; A Lifetime of Memories -Lynch; IH Ehler Reunion
Mar – April 2007With Fond Memories – Gerald Bush; Beast of the Sixties; 2006Cubfest; Larry Weber’s Nice, Rice, Tractor; PaPa’s Pride – L.G. Glass;Low Level Crawler – Wayne Atwood’s T-5; The Pride of WyandotCounty – 1907 Friction Drive
May – Jun 2007A Tractor Tale that Keeps Growing; Skid Units and Packages; IH“L-Line” Trucks; Machinery Colors; Converting the McCormickDeering 22-36; A Kansas Legend in 2007; The Garrison’s An IHFamily
July – Aug 2007Farmall F-Series Magnetos; Statewide Tractor Raffle; BatteryIgnition; The Development of the Type L and LA Engine; The HodgeFamily Likes IH Red; Serial Numbers; The Bill That Never Was; 1939M Farmall; Auction Review; International Golden Jubilee; Memoriesof IH at Sublette
Sept – Oct 2007IHC Steel Tractor Wheels-Part I; A Super M – With M & W OptionsMakeover; Did IH Sell Mom & Pop A Kettle?; Potato Machines;George Loque’s IH Walk; Putting Out Fires; The New Red-GoldTractors; Red Power Round Up; IH Innovation Has Made It To Space!
Nov – Dec 2007IHC Steel Tractor Wheels-Part II; What a Surprise – Lenzie Family;New Life For An Old Genius; Two Rows At A Time; 4th GenerationFarmer – George Monis; Cooperation or Crossing Purposes;100 Years of International Trucks; Parlin & Orendorff
Jan – Feb 2008Alternate Restoration; Don Hermes & His 1256;Adam Waldeck’sFarm Day; Six Important Machines; Red Power “Down Under”-Internationals At Work in New Zealand; jim Gieger’s W’s; Don CorrieMixes Antiques & Tractors!; Scale Model-IHC Prototype DealershipBuilding; Ralph Johnson’s 0-14; FFA Tractor Restoration Project; ‘07National Fall Auction Results
Mar-April 2008Early Tractor Decals-Part I; Don Selmer Connecting IH to the Past; Roy’s Railroad; 1970 Gold Demonstrator 826 Goes on the Road; Our Dream Tractor, A 1918 International 8-16; Jerry Rawlings Modified H; Neal Moore’s 504 Diesel Orchard; FFA Tractor Restoraion Project Influences Youth
May-June 2008First Generation Utility Tractors; After 50 Years-The Big One; IH’s First Threshers; What Can We Call These Tractors; The Taylors Display IH In Style; Dave Copple-IH Collector Becomes Toy Vendor; IH Collectors Club Winter Convention
July-Aug 2008Power Loaders; A Four Generation 1206-Don Sanson; IH Car and Truck Development; DVT-800, DVT-942 IH’s Big Bore Truck Engines; The Family Farmall F-14-Howard Hemminger; The 1948 Farmall H That Changed My Life-Jeremy Prosser; Early Tractor Decals Part II
Sept-Oct 2008Marketing; Factory Drive-a-Ways; Development of 300 & 400 Series Diesel Engines; Red Power Round Up; Having a Little Extra HP Fun; Marian Greer; Gause Equipment; The IH French Connection; Serial #s
Nov-Dec 2008Searching For Information; Another Make-Over – 1970 Internation Pick-up; The Threshers; ‘08 Auction Highlights; The First 856; Black Hills Tractor Ride; Cub-arama 2008; The W-30 and the Fry Connection; IHC Hay Press
Jan-Feb 2009IHCC National Consignment Auction; Mini 560’s – An IH Model; Even If You Have a Boot in Your Tire; The International 8-16 Tractor – Part I; Electrolysis – Part I; Indiana IH Club Submits Plowing Record; Four Generations of Memories; John Swanson’s IH M; The 84 Series Tractors
Mar-April 2009Engine Govenors; Farmall First In The Field – National Farm Toy Museum; The International 8-16 Tractor – Part II; Electrolysis – Part II; Granddaddy’s 350 Utility Tractor; Some Orchard Tractor Differences; Tales from the Farm – The 544; The 84 Series Red Line Tractors
May-June 2009Belt Drives; 17th Annual Winter Convention; Farmall Custom 856 & Custom 756; How to Get More Life From Batteries; External Production – Variations of the Farmall 1206; Tales From the Southside of Napoleon
July-Aug 2009Chain Drives; Pat’s 340 Utility; Australian IH 86 Series Tractors; Applying Decals; A Little Business History – 1970s and 1980s; The Sno-Star Scout and Pickup; L-C FFA Restores Farmall Super M- TA; Free Tractor – The Refurbishing of Dino
Sept-Oct 2009Cutout Relays & Voltage Regulators; 20th Annual Red Power Round-Up; Parade to the IH Archives; “The Old Diesel”; Serial Numbers; IH Fire Power; An H for the Forreston FFA; Making Ice Cream with an H Farmall
Nov-Dec 2009Hydraulic Lift-All; From Rust to Remarkable; Preserving A Piece of IH History; A Few IH Sightings; IH & Arts Way – Part I; VanDerBrink Auction; Vandevender’s Rolling Country Store; A Red Prize Up For Grabs
Jan-Feb 2010Collecting Tools; The McCormick-Deering 123-SP Harvester Thresher; The Cowboard F-20 Restoration; Cub Cadet Diesel 782; IH & Arts Way – Part II; National Fall Auction; The Red Fender 706; The Story of IH 560; Electric Start For the Old Farmall Regular; The Industrial Cub – Matt Sanford; IHC Horizontal Engine – Larry Hackbarth
Mar-April 2010Calvin Kraemer Auction; 1911 IHC Wagon In Miniature; International Trucks New Sleeper Box; Adding Electric Start To A Farmall F-12; The Nation’s Largest Garden Tractor Pull; IH & Arts Way – Part III; IH Finds Along The Spoon River Drive; IH Forage Blowers; Irregular Farmall Regular; International 300, 350, and 330 Orchard Fenders; Roger Schnell and His Family Mogul
May-June 201018th Annual Winter Convention; A Little Bit About Serial Numbers; IH 720-830 Forage Harvesters; Farmall Acres Museum; Red Power Magazine 25th Anniversary; A Very Special Farmall B; IH World; Polk-McGrew Tractor Auction; Earth Metal From IH; Veteran’s Memorial Tractor; John Boyens & His Super C French Diesel
July-Aug 2010Gear Drives; Pacesetter Story – For IH Collectors Magazines; IH 781-881 Forage Harvesters; Earl Overbeek’s IH Models; Sourcing Parts & Supplies; IH 730 Adjustable-Width Moldboard Plow; Stew’s Stuff; L-C FFA Restores Farmall B; Maintenance Ideas
Sept-Oct 2010Hydrostatic Drives; The Early Development of IH Diesel Engines; Its Back to School Time…IH Style; Vernon’s Hardworking 1066; 21st Annual Red Power Round-Up; The IH VIBRA Tool Line; Serial Numbers
Nov-Dec 2010Rubber Tires; The World Utility Transporter; IH & The SMV, Life in the Slow Lane; The International Harvester UD 24; Working With Gaskets; A Red Power Surprise – Grandpa Olif’s Farmall; What’s A Guy Like You Need With An Old Farmall?; The IH Vibra Shank; FFA Student – Young Talent At Work; Adventures of the Farmall C; Our Country Cruiser – The Family Farmall B
Jan-Feb 2011IHCC National Consignment Auction; Shortages and IH; IH Vibra Chisel; Charlie Collects ‘39 Models; A Young Man’s Dream; The Family in the Company; Farmall Cub Diesel; IH’s SMV (Snow Moving Vehicle); IH BTD20 201 Series; Max Favourite and the RPRU; Highwheelers at the RPRU
Mar-April 2011When the Offsets Moved Offshore; 5088, 5288 & 5488; Farmall 656 Tractor Part I; Garden Tractor Pulling; More Than Steel & Red Paint; 1943 and IH; Finding the Family 806; IH Paystar Concrete Mixer; AN-M2 20 MM Aircraft Cannon; MSG Fairbotham; Potts Family Tractor Restored
May-June 201119th Annual Winter Convention; Mez-merized at Farmall-Land USA; Farmall 656 Tractor – Part 2; Garden Tractor Pulling; Cyril Barton and his IH Memories; Corn Picker; Mecum Auctions (Tom Geyman Collection); Patience Pays Off – Restored 1939 F-14; The Bulletin Board; 1944; Bill Burnham’s Super H with M&W Parts; Farmall Fundraiser
July-Aug 2011The Nebraska Tractor Test Laboratory; Shortages & Changes in 1945; IH 60 Series – 2+2 Tractors; TD-24 Crawler Dozer; Preserving Your IH Heritage; The Early History of Farmall Works; Demonstrator Number 37 Baler; 1482 Axial Flow Combine; IH Hand Powered Corn Shellers; Al Wolka – Reverend With A Cub Cadet Past; Utemco Attachments for the Scout; Edward the Eight-Oh-Six
Sept-Oct 2011Sept-Oct 2011 Albert Lea & Cotton Harvesters; IH’s Steam; IH 756-686 Series Tractors In the Land Down Under; Farmall 806 LP Gas; 22nd Annual Red Power Round-Up; The IH Extension Department; Book Review: How to Restore Tractor Magnetos; Combine Emergency – Dial IH 915!; Serial Numbers; Cool Cabs; Selling Their Pride & Joy Collection – Otto Hallier Auction
Nov-Dec 2011Cub-Arama & IHCC Auction; 86 Series Bulletin Board; Lowell Wessell – A Cub King; Garden Tractor Pulling – Part III; Tractors for Freedon; Bare Family Auction; Corn Picking Is As Easy As One, 2-3-4; M & W Collection; Listening & Learning From Dad – Loker Family Collection; The Grosshart/Prewitt Post Hole Digger
Jan-Feb 2012Snow Removal; IH 2000 Series M-O-M, F.E.L.; International Farmall 140; Check Row Planting & Cultivating; Advertising Adventure; Saltillo; A Happy Ending; IH 500 Series – Manure Spreaders; Ed McCain and his Farmalls; St. James Farm and the McCormick Connection; Homecoming at St. James Farm; She Sold It – Farmall M High-Drum Picker Tractor
Mar-Apr 2012Winter Work; Becoming Mrs. Tractorman; What is Restoration?; IH Under the Big Top; The First and the Last; M&W McCormick W6; Fred Young Collects Farmall Red; IH Model 800 Flex Frame Plow; Farmall in Glass; “M” is for…
May-June 201220th Annual Winter Convention; IH Cyclo Planters – The 400 & 500; Restoring IH Tractors in Small Scale – Part I; International Down Under in New Zealand; 66 Series Changes; Pulling For A Cure IH Style; IH 1190 Mower Conditioner
July-Aug 2012Whirlwind Terracer; 133 Row Crop Cultivators; Restoring IH Tractors in Small Scale-Part II; Mecum’s Spring Gone Farmin’ Auction; The Teaching Cut Away Cub; Local IH Dealer Sends Seamstress Down A New Path; Carlyle, IL Class Members Bring New Life to Farmall 560; James Gall and Family Collection; IH Cushion Gang Disc Harrow
Sept-Oct 2012Red Power Roundup; IH 86 Series Hydraulics; Toy Tractor Detailing – Part I; The Esche IH Treasures; Serial Numbers; 2012 Lawn & Garden Show; Tom Maudlin’s Model J30; IH Collectibles at the RPRU; Observations of the 2012 Red Power Roundup; IH Farm Equipment Air Conditioners; The Carlson High Wheeler Motor Truck & Museum
Nov-Dec 2012Number 18 Highway Mower; The IH Replacements; Bob Zarse & His 656 Gold Demonstrator; Toy Tractor Detailing – Part II; Memories fo the Schmitt Family; Sleeping Beauties; The One Hour 560; IH 200 Series Compact Tractors; The Hackney Auto-Plow; The Berkshire Museum
Jan-Feb 2013IHCC National Consignment Auction; Hytran Hydraulic Oil; The Longed for 21206; The Axial Flow Combine; Tales From the Farm “The Socket Set”; The Story of My Life – Farmall H; The Growth of Corn Machines; Rodney Miller’s IH Roots; Chat’s Museum and Restoration; IH 5288 Rebuilt in the UK
Mar-April 2013Planting Units; Farmall 806; The Kozuszek Family IH Collection; Scale Model Project-Fabricate a Fast-Hitch on a 140; IHC Toy & Memorabila Collection; Foreign Collectibles; Our Family’s Experience with IH Equipment (Willits)
May-June 2013IHCC 2013 Winter Convention; Farmall 706 Tractor; Turbo Diesel Scout; Bringing a WR-9 S Back to Life; IH 800 Early Riser Planter
July-Aug 2013Scoops & Scrapers; 20 Years Ago Today…1206; Rusty Wheel Rims – Causes & Remedies; An H for Henry; Another Farmall H Story; Family Tractor Restored by Texas Ag Group; Mecum Auction Spring 2012; HI 425 435 445 Square Balers; History of the HT-340 Farm Tractor
Sept-Oct 20132013 Red Power Roundup; Youth Tractor Restoration Contest; Observations of the 2013 RPRU; Bill Reed Sitting Tall; Don Ranzberber and His W9 series; The Story Behind the Restoration of the Tractor; Cream of Wheat; The Hay Days of Summer with IH Equipment; Serial Numbers; An Auction to Remember
Nov-Dec 2013Local Shows; It’s Patented by IH; Standing Farmall Tall-Jerry Tibbs; A Hybrid Farmall H; William’s Cub Cadets Make a Splash at the Half Century of Progress; International 786 Tractor; M & W Collection Display
Jan-Feb 2014A Custom Tiller For My Cub Cadet; Universal Engineer Tractor; IH Emblems; Tractor Club Finds a 48 Year Old Sugar Beet Harvester; Book Review: Red Tractors 1958-2013; Farmall Red Sighting at the Half Century of Progress; The F-12; IHCC National Auction; Howard Sherren’s IH 5288 F.W.A From the U.K.; A Four Generation McCormick Deering; Then and Now; The Story of Chapter 42; Running Hard, Running Red
Mar-April 2014International Down Under; Service Bulletins; IH Tractor Cabs Part I; Who Was Steven Bull & How Did He Help Create IH; A Bit of Deering History; IH Paystar 5000 Trucks; IH – The War and Defense Contracts; M&W W4; The Foster IH Collection
May-June 2014A Guide to Choosing Paint for Restoration; IH Tractor Cabs II; IH Collectors 2014 Winter Convention; Returning of a Farmall 450 to Original Condition; Dad’s M; IH 68 Series V-8 Diesel Tractors; Farmall H & M Development; IHCC Hapenings; Crusin’ with Big Red
July-August 2014Removing Rust; Pickup Balers; Collecting IH Fast-Hitch Impliments; Mid-America Gateway Farm Toy Show; My 1946 Farmall M Story – Driving For a Cure; 660 By the Numbers and the Field Modification Program; IH Tractors and the Citrus Tower; Book Review – Canning, Pickling & Freezing with Irma Harding; A 66 Series Mystery; Looking at a Bit More Corporate History 
Sept-Oct 20142014 Red Power Roundup; 706 By the Numbers; IH Cab Doors; Northeast Red Power Showdown; Making Your IH Equipment Look It’s Best in Photos; IHCC Happenings; An 826 GOLD Demonstrator; International 140 Mishap; Serial Numbers
Nov-Dec 2014Part Identification; Tom Hoffman’s 1927 McCormick Deering 15-30; The International 782 Cub Cadet Diesel; IH Trucks and The Construction of Hoover Dam; IHCC Happenings One Year Later; A 100 Year Old IHC Engine; Red Power is in Our Blood; The saga of “Baby Dozer” International Harvester TD-6
Jan-Feb 2015IHCC National Auction; 1972 IH 1468 Restoration-Mullholand; IH at Hinsdale; IH Letter Series Development; IH Long & Strong-Howard Family; IH Bits & Pieces; Snyders Hold a Couple Tractors Close to Their Hearts; The International 600 Forage Blower; A Rare Trio of Farmall Super MTA’s; The Pink Tractor
Mar-April 2015Farm Wagons; IH Shop Radio; Building Your Own IH in Scale – Part I; Collecting the IH M1 Garand Rifle; Cubfest Anyone?; 1950 International Harvester L 130
May-June 2015Machines for the Western United States; The 706 Adjustment; Building Your Own IH in Scale – Part II; The 70th Anniversary of the ERTL Company; IH Collectors 2015 Winter Convention; Steve Henderson’s Story of an IH Dealership; Farmall Friends Bonded at Restorer’s Home
July-August 2015Ground Working Tools; Thyra IH Historic Baling Festival; Fuel Strainers; Farmall 1206 Tractor; Carlyle High School Students Restore Farmall 350; ERTL and the Toy Tractor
Sept-Oct 2015Red Power Roundup; Design of the 1482 Combine; Small Town Big Deal Offers up Caribbean Cruise; Special Attractions at the Red Power Roundup; Jeff’s 400 LP Cotton Tractor; IH Literature Collecting; Book Review-Children’s Books for IH Fans; Pedal Tractor Presentation; Red Power Roundup Collage; Serial Numbers
Nov-Dec 2015  Type J-4 Magneto; Compact Tractors; Early IHC Tracked Loaders; My Mini 1066 Black Stripe; Leon & Lou – The Military & French Connection; Tapley Roots Run Deep; Larry Smith and His Canadian IH Adventure; A Tribute to a Father-in-Law
Jan-Feb 2016Price Lists; IHCC National Consignment Auction; IH Eagle Series Trucks; Bubba Ehrig’s Farmall Gold Demonstrator; Andy and Lori Kamp’s IH 856; Toymaker Gets Top Honors; So…You Want to Start an IH Dealership?
Mar-April 2016 

Tractor Fuel; Living with Modern Gasoline; IH Eagle Series Trucks…Conventionals; The Super M that Did it All; M&W Experimental H; Buddy & Charlie and the Triple A and Triple Cub!; McCormick Deering W-30 Orchard Tractor; Henry Coussen’s Beautiful 8-16

May-June 2016IHCC 2016 Winter Convention; A Custom D-2 Pickup; IH Patents; The 400 Story; International Harvester “The Tobacco Specialist”; 1954 Super MTA
July-Aug 2016 

A-14 and A-21 Shop Mules; Rust 911 Product Review; 684 International; Many Shades of IHC Gray; Carlinville FFA Restores RED; The Story of the Farmall 1026 #8946; Memories of a 4th Generation Farmer

Sept-Oct 2016Red Power Roundup; The Burr Ridge Engineering Center; 3388 2+2 Series Tractor; Update from Down Under; Gerald Forsythe and His Amazing IH Collection; A Three Day Restoration; Curing the Vibrating M; Axial Flow vs Titan Combine; Serial Numbers
Nov-Dec 2016Rear Mounted Blades; Miniature McCormick-Deering 10-20; Thomure Manufacturing; Jerry Kuster’s IH Museum; The IH Fire Tractor; Lynn Huyear an IH Fan!
Jan-Feb 2017   IHCC National Consignment Auction; A Farmall 1406?; Farmall 1256; International Truck Show; Kevin Paul is a Cub Man; Home Brew Blade System; Rachel’s Ride
Mar-April 2017  

Farmall Cub at Age 70; International Harvester Innovations; Special IH Toy Tractors; IH Hydrostatic Drives – 50 Years of Progress; Bill Stults and His IH B-275; Wendell Kelch an IH Icon; A Hero’s Life for a Farmall H

May-June 2017

IHCC 2017 Winter Convention; A Custom Scout; An Honor to a Good Man – Wally Scott; IH 990 Mower Conditioner; Luxemburg-Casco FFA Alumni Restoration; IH 140 Tractors Create Friendships; Tribute to George Shaw and the Trucking Industry

July-Aug 2017

What Made the Farmall A Super?; Custom IH Pedal Tractor; Many Shades of (IHC) Gray – Part II; Carlyle High School FFA Restores 460; D.O.L.O.R.I.S.; Super H Project; Duane Stone’s Beautiful 1468

Sept-Oct 2017

Red Power Roundup; Red Baby Salesman’s Coupe; Payline Profile…IH’s Industrial Equipment Line; Students Learn More Than One Way To Feed Those In Need; TRAN 2017 & RT2D (Red Tractors to Des Moines); Reunion Memories (IH Motorized Vehicles); Farmall-Land Museum, Jerry Mez’s Red Tractor Palace; Toboggan Turns Planter; Serial Numbers

Nov-Dec 2017

Hay Rakes; A Milestone Tractor; C.A.S.S…Another IH Computer Idea; Dad’s 756 and its Red Power Reunion; One Era Ends, Another Begins; Farmall Acres – A Museum Created by Harold Metternich Jr.; Saving Farmall Red from the Junk Pile!

Jan-Feb 2018

The International Photographic Center; Attracting New People to the Antique Iron Hobby; Payline Profiles – IH 4500 Pay Lifts; Fostering Cub Knowledge; A Bus Trip Back Into IH History; 2017 National Auction Recap; Bob Laester’s Farmall Museum

Mar-April 2018

More from the Photographic Center; Moldboard Plowing; “Harvester Farm” at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry; An Orchard Tractor at the Half Century of Progress; Carl Probst Makes Farmall Toys!; IH Tobacco Specialist – Part II

May-June 2018

IHCC 2018 Winter Convention; The Cub Cadet Circus 123; Condition Rating for Antique Tractors Part I; Payline Profile-IH 3400A Tractor Loader Backhoe; IH A Hubbard Family Affair; Jon Kinzenbaw’s Collection and the Kinze Innovation Center; An Indoor Tractor Show in the Northeast; Joe Neville and His IH Memories; IH 5100 Series Grain Drills; IHCC 2018 Winter Convention; IH Reign on the Cultivision Series Tractors

July-Aug 2018

Gardening with Farmalls; Condition Rating for Antique Tractors Part II; A Well Preserved International 8-16; Farmall M Featured as 2018 St. Judes Raffle Tractor; Old Plows Never Die – They Just Go to Ladysmith, WI; Lynn & Becky’s Farmall Red Wedding; 1256 Farmall Review; IH Enthusiast Richard Maier Passes; Talent Management

Sept-Oct 2018Red Power Roundup; Red Power Roundup Collage; IH 686 Tractor; Pennsylvania Memories; A Queen and a Farmall Story; IH and Cotton; Richland FFA’s Super C is Super!; Herrs Memory Lane; Serial Numbers.
Nov-Dec 2018Induction Hardening of Machine Parts; Fuel System Problems and Solutions; 806 vs 4020; LOVE International Style; The Miexed Bag of 1959; Stuck on You…;Story Correction – IH 686 Tractor
Jan–Feb 2019IHCC National Consignment Auction; Repairing Damaged Sheet Metal; St. Jude’s Raffle Tractor; Repower Your Cub Cadet; Florida Farmalls; James Mitschele & His Hay Farmalls; Machinery Pete; Farmall Finds at the National Agricultural Center
Mar–April 2019

International Harvester Buildings Then and Now; Tips on Removing Broken Fasteners and Fittings; Farmall Finds at the National Auto & Truck Museum; Workhorse on Tracks; 5th Annual Tunica Raffle Tractor Brings a New Twist;Articulated Magnum

May-June 2019

Mid-Century Farmalls; Engine Diagnosis; IH’s Mega-Planter; IHCC 2019 Winter Convention; IH Scout & All Truck Nationals; Luxemburg-Casco FFA Alumni Restoration; Tractors to the Rescue; Charlie Millerd’s Hot Rod Farmall BN; Lake Bluff Ice Truck Comes Home; Tech Tip

July-August 2019

Filling Silos; Working with Body Filler; IH 1490 and 1590 Mower Conditioners; New Wood for McCormick Corn Binder; Enjoying February; Scott Swinford’s International Harvester Connections; Carlyle High School Farmall 300 Restoration; Filling a Wagon for Riley

Sept-Oct 2019

Red Power Roundup; Book Review – The Breakup; Trucks and Other Attractions at Red Power; IH Series 2+2 Tractors; Internatrolet History; Max Favourite’s 1970 544 Gold Demonstrator; 2015 Missouri Show; Red Power Roundup Collage; Finding a Wagon for Riley; Serial Numbers

Nov–Dec 2019

Field Harvesters; Book Review; The International Harvester Co.; Priming & Block Sanding; Dale Vannelli of the Good Ol’ Boys; Farmall-Land U.S.A. – Rooted in Avoca; Simonsen Iron Works – Grabill-Dixon Mfg.; Same Skin, But Different Animal; Darrell Darst Obituary; Jim Stringer and His Beautiful Red Baby; 2019 National IH Auction; The ATCA National Show

Jan–Feb 2020

Forage Handling Machines; The IH 986 Pro-Ag Line Tractor; Making Sheetmetal Parts; The Bodine Farmall Collection; 75 Years with International Harvester; A Look at the 30th Nationals Show; McCormick-Deering Industrial Tractors; Farmall Cub; IH Payline Preview

Mar–April 2020

Machine Safety Devices; Friction Drive; The Evolution of Self-propelled Combines; The Red Friend; New IH Book – Out of the Field; Chores; A Job Well Done

May–June 2020

IHCC 2020 Winter Convention; Windmill Acres Museum; IH 1566 Tractor; Tom Theobold’s Red Old Iron; We Need a Show; Book Review

July–Aug 2020Farmalls at Work; Fry Fun at the Half Century of Progress; IH Parts Numbers-They Really DO Make Sense, Part I; Patching Sheetmetal; The Unknown Dozer; Summer; Kelly Birkey
Sept-Oct 2020Traction-Control Fast Hitch; IH Parts-The 6 and 7 digit system, Part II; Preserving Details; 1420 Axial Flow Combine; Harvest 
Nov-Dec 2020

Finding the Right Parts; Hydro 84 Tractor; Repair, Restoration and Painting Locations; Former IH Dealership Opens as a New Museum; Timing is Everything; The Boomgarden Experimental Light Farmall; IH 184 Lo-Boy Tractor; Trying to Hold Steady – 1967; That Tractor; Serial Numbers

Jan–Feb 2021

Series 2 Engine; The B-414 Tractor; Tom Nixon’s International Sensation; 25th Annual IH Collectors Club National Auction; From Gray to Red; Rebuilding Red; Feels Like 1985 Again; Winter; Our 2020 Adventure to South Dakota RPRU

Mar–April 2021

Series 2 Engine, C-135 and Beyond; IH Torque Amplifiers – Part I – Mechanical T/A’s; Old 597; The Farmall 706 Fundraiser; Timing Part II; February Tractor Show; An IH 140 Hi Clear Tractor Story; First Crop Maple Sugar

May–June 2021

A Seasoned Hand; IH Torque Amplifiers – Part II – Hydraulic T/A’s; Leigh and His Little Super A; The Swearingen Farmalls; Painting Wheel Rims; IH of 1983: Financial Horror; Tractor Travels

July–Aug 2021

Tractor Hitches and Power Take-offs; Ice Cold Air – The IH Ice Cream Box Tractor Cab; I Wonder What the IH Dealers Thought About That?!?; Cleaning Fuel Tanks; Power Hungry, Heisler Building Parts to Help Fill That Need; Memories of an IH Man – Darrell Darst; The 40 & 60 Series; My 140 with Fast Hitch Hydro-Scoop; Plowing, a Lost Art; The Crok

Sept–Oct 2021

Red Power Round Up; IH Tractor Cooling Systems; A Special Farmall A; Sparking Interest in Electralls at the RPRU; Robert Huyear’s IH Journey; Red Power Round Up Collage; John Moon Shares About IH!; Farmers Are One of a Kind

Nov–Dec 2021

Albany Pioneer Days; Tractor Hydraulics – Working Under Pressure; Jerry Mez Obituary; Albert City, Iowa Thresherman & Collectors Show; Patina Finishes on Old Iron; Brian Kestel and the Wedding Red Baby; New York State Steam Engine Association August 2021 Show; IH 4136 Compact Loader; 2021 RPRU Farmall 1206; Local Harvest; Serial Numbers

Jan–Feb 2022

Torque vs. Horsepower; Tractor Hydraulics – Working Under Pressure; BuildYour Own Scout; Picking Corn at the Half Century of Progress; Farmall-Land-USA Series of Auctions; 2021 IHCC National Auction at Monrovia Indiana;Yellow Power at Red Power Round Up; What is it About an Old Truck?; Ulen – Hitterdal FFA Restores a 1941 Farmall H

Mar–April 2022

Three Point Hitch; 4300 Semi-Truck Converted to Low-Cost Farm Tractor; Maintaining and Detailing Restorations; Recalling Farmall Tractor Details of the 40’s and 50’s; The New IH Look & Advertising; Road Trip; Preserving the IH Legacy

May–June 2022

Phoenix Proving Grounds; John Stewart “Stew” Paquette Obituary; To Restore or Not to Restore; How Two Brothers Built an Impressive IH Collection; The Kersten W4; Farmall 544 Hydrostatic Drive Tractor; Johnnie Watts’s Replica Vineyard Cub!; The Teaching Cub, What is it About a Refrigerator?

July–Aug 2022

Lubrication of Equipment; Treasures at Harvester Homecoming; The FSept–Oct 2022armall Super C; IH 3788 2+2 Series Tractor; RED Loves the BLUE Tractor Drive; Jared Singletary’s Distillate Tractor; Spring Planting

Sept–Oct 2022

The 33rd Annual Red Power Round Up; IH Field Demonstration Days – 1970 Style; International 6166; Red Power Round Up Collage;IH 715 Combine – The Survivor!; Combines

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